A new beginning

4 months, 3 weeks ago
It was little more than two weeks ago that I was doing some refactoring and some bug fixing that it occurred to me that the scripting api had a somewhat limited design. I thought that maybe I could delegate plugin logic to external code kinda like kakoune and 4coder does.

I thought that it could be cool if plugins were implemented by talking to pepper through stdin/stdout. It would be a nice experiment to see if this was viable. However even before I began prototyping this solution, I noticed that pepper was not yet prepared to talk efficiently to other processes. After a little bit of investigation and after watching some of the early episodes of Handmade Hero, I thought that the best way I could implement inter-process communication, console input and file io, was by implementing some kind of platform layer myself.

I've messed around with the crate `winapi` before and it was fun, so right now I'm taking my time learning more about the underlyings of the win32 api as I implement what will be the windows backend for the pepper editor. I think I'm close to having a decent windows platform layer and soon I'll be able to start porting all the editor logic to use it!

Pepper is about to get even more handmadey!
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